Digital signage, Way-Finding and directions

Digital signage and Way Finding systems

Ardan Control Tech is a leading integration company specializing in multimedia solutions, digital signage and digital wayfinding solutions for searching and orientation at sites such as malls, hospitals, commercial centers, office buildings, public areas etc.

The solutions that Ardan offers allow millions of people to find their way at hundreds of different sites around the world.

Wayfinding kiosks

  • Professional, high clarity Full HD 40″ screen
  • Sensitive and safe touchscreen, allowing multi-touch
  • Prestigious, intuitive and easy-to-use user interface design
  • Stylish metal stand
  • High standard quality European facility


  • User interface with tailor made friendly design
  • 3-D map combined with wayfinding and orientation engine
  • Up to 150 wayfinding goals (stores, restaurants …)
  • Variety of marketing contents: special offers, advertising, etc.
  • Multilingual system with several languages

Contents management and support

  • Updating of contents through Ardan’s contents management system
  • Production of statistical reports on manner of use of the wayfinding kiosks
  • Support and maintenance services by a skilled staff

The customer will hold responsibility for supplying a 2-D map of the site in PDF format, a list of the destinations/store/offices at the site for purposes of preparing the software, an electricity socket and the network point for connection of the kiosk.

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