Smart Automation Systems

Smart Automation solutions offered by ARDAN are based on KNX standard (International open standard) and allow flexibility in the operation of lighting systems, air conditioning, blinds, sun shades, curtains and other devices connected to the system such as boilers, stoves and other integrative systems in the compound; including creating scenarios and making changes to the operation of switches through design panels with display screens, touch screens, remote connections and control through smart phones, tablets, PC and more.

We work with the leading companies in the field for Smart Power equipment:  Siemens, Schneider, HDL, IPAS, Vitrea and more.

Lighting control

The system allows you to create an unlimited number of lighting settings and save them in the smart switch memory and controls.

Pressing a button on the switch or sending a command using your smart phone through the appropriate application will choose / retrieve the necessary configuration from the memory and execute the appropriate operations. With these lighting scripts it will be possible, for example, to move from soft lighting highlighting a computer presentation to bright and strong lighting for a dynamic business discussion.

You can also adjust lighting for video conferences and for management systems interface such as DMX.

Recently the manufecturers presented controllers using the DALI protocol allowing control of all light fixtures (not only light circuits) while providing a dedicated IP address for every individual fixture in the complex for Power On/Off, dimming and creating scenarios.

Energy saving

In the office, lights come on even when there is a strong outdoor light on sunny days – wasting a lot of power. With the use of Daylight Control technology, light intensity is controlled intelligently based on the amount of outdoor lighting. When the sun shines and the light outside is bright and strong, the system dims the lights nearest to the windows providing significant savings in power consumption. Likewise, the system uses sensors that enable Power On/Off of lighting and/or air conditioning depending on the conditions in the room.

Intelligent switching according to a schedule

Stairway and corridor lighting in commercial buildings are often left on after working hours – which is expensive and wasteful lighting.

With the scheduled switching feature of the Smart Automation systems, you can automatically dim or turn off lights after working hours.

In addition, this capability enables the routing of an electric current to devices such as printers, coffee machines etc. only during working hours.

This feature is proven in saving high percentages of energy.

Motion detectors

You can improve the control of the lighting in the lobby, interior corridors and elevators with motion detectors using KNX technology. Before and after working hours, the system operates the lighting only when someone exits the lift, for example. The system dims the lights when there is no motion in the room. You can achieve savings of over 50% in power consumption with this smart element. After business hours, the system operates the security alarm and alerts the guards if there is a break-in or suspicious movement on any floor or room.

In room Contactors

The unique contactor units of the smart Automation system allow easy and efficient control of lighting in large rooms with open and partial partitions. When the partitions in a large conference room are closed in order to separate and manage independent meetings, the smart Automation system using KNX standard automatically changes the activity of the smart switch in each room.

Following the individual meetings and removal of the partitions, the system reunites the lighting scripts to fit the large conference room.

Maximum visuals

The systems allow you to empower the control ability of the maintenance manager with a control and monitoring system of all integrated devices on each floor of a large and complex building. The manager receives an overview of all the floors in the building including status and system reports: 3D view of the building with the option of zooming in on selected areas. With these reports it is possible to locate breakdowns requiring immediate handling without running up and down all day. Power history reports can be used to analyze the consumption patterns and save more.

Siemens // Germany >>programmable controllers, control and monitoring software, HMI systems and Smart Power Systems – KNX protocol

Schneider // Germany  PLC, control and monitoring software, HMI systems and Smart Power Systems – KNX protocol


HDL // China: Plc, control and monitoring software, HMI systems and Smart Power Systems


IPAS // Germany:  Control interfaces – Protocol KNX

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