Advanced Systems

The advanced systems are Milestone’s driving force. They were created for complex, large and sophisticated systems, including a large number of servers, backup servers of end units and cameras, intelligent user management and possibility of interfacing with Microsoft Active Directory in order to allow Windows users to connect to the server and thus to manage permissions in an orderly way and including in multiuser systems.

Xprotect Expert – is the “small” system in this system group. It supports an unlimited number of cameras and servers, is SQL driver-based, stable and reliable and of course with all the possibilities and plug-ins of everything existing in the other products, and even a little more.

XProtect Essential datasheet

Xprotect Corporate – is Milestone’s flagship system. In addition to all the capacities of its little sister Expert, there is a possibility of failover servers that allow existence of hot backup servers on the basis of the existing servers. In any case of crash or loss of one of the servers, the backup server, without any intervention, will automatically take the place of the server that crashed.

XProtect Corporate datasheet

Comparison chart between Milestone products: