Command & Control

  • As part of the execution and setting up of the project, frames must be integrated in which we adapt the command-and-control system to the customer’s needs.

    As part of the setup stages, we adapt synoptic maps and simulate all the accessories and end equipment installed at the customer site for main command screens, at the customer’s request and adapting to the customer’s needs.

    Through its open interface, the Control Maestro system allows us to interface a broad variety of systems and accessories and to create harmony and flow in operation of the alarm management systems and daily use.

    • With connection to the Milestone Xprotect systems we can perform several functions:

    • To bring up 9 cameras simultaneously and as a matrix.

    • To execute a review of events as a result of an alarm or warning in the different systems: break-in, access control and intercom

    • To receive warnings on video events in the command system, e.g.: analytics from the video system, special events, etc.

    • Sending warnings to the CCTV system for recording at time of event, sending moving cameras to break-in areas and management of the Smart Client at time of events

    • Full interfacing with the Amadeus5 system, which includes:

    • Receiving status on the situation of the accesses and exits of the controllers

    • Receiving status on the condition of the readers

    • Opening and closing of the Amadeus screens

    • Full communications with the Commend company intercom system with serial communication on IP basis:

    • Confirms opening and closing of calls

    • Management of log of active calls

    • Command and interfacing with various systems on basis of Modbus protocol:

    • Connection to the Risco break-in systems

    • Connection to a broad variety of UPS and electricity system

    • There are many more solutions and interfaces to various safety systems:

    • Fire detection

    • Ammonium detection

    In the latest Control Maestro generation the system works on the MS SQL infrastructure, which allows flexibility, advanced management capacities and backup.

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