The Building Control and Energy Efficiency Division specializes in writing complex applications for perfect control of energy centers and including control of cooling units (chillers), cooling towers, water pump, heat pumps, air treatment units and blowers, CO/NOX control in critical areas such as underground parking lots, etc.

The control is carried out through special controllers for the air-conditioning field. These controllers work with full network communications and through an advanced communication protocol that allows the operator’s full command of the system.

The control system provides not only basic control of operation of the systems but also individual operation of each unit and equipment item in the system and also possibility of bypassing the automatic system forcing the different systems as needed.

As aforesaid, the controllers used by the Building Control and Energy Efficiency Division are leading controllers in the field of control of air-conditioning and energy control systems. The controllers work with full IP communications, including Web interface that provides complete access to all the system data through an Internet browser. It is also possible to install on the controllers digital command units for operation of the system and without need of additional components.

The controllers allow information transfer between the different controllers installed in a facility and between the controllers and controllers of other vendors working with an identical communication protocol. For instance: the controller commanding the main air-conditioning system can ‘talk’ to the chiller controller in order to receive from it information on the load percentage of each chiller. In such a way control can be carried out based on the system’s load percentage.

The information is transferred directly between the controllers and therefore a computer or any additional equipment is not required. In such a way the system works independently and even if the operating system with which the end-user works is not active, the air-conditioning system will continue to work without disruption.

Temperature, humidity, pressure, flooding sensors, etc.

Can be installed in any place required in order to monitor the conditions there.

Every sensor has a possibility of calibration, determining fault thresholds (lower/upper), delays, neutralization of faults, sensor faults (out-of-order, reading stuck, etc.) and graph for monitoring.

Air treatment units

Full operation of all the system components, scheduling through schedules, etc.

A summary displays all the important parameters of the units in readable and convenient table form. It is possible to modify each of the parameters and to pass to the schematic screen of the unit through a dedicated button.

Cooling units for communications and server rooms

In communications, server, telephony and other rooms, special conditions are required for the equipment to work properly. To this end air-conditioning units are used with precise control of temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. Connection by communications to controllers provides complete information on each unit, readings, modification of parameters, etc.

CO/NOX control

Lack of ventilation in areas such as closed parking lots is liable to lead to a concentration of toxic gases. In order to prevent high concentration of gases control is carried out through dedicated detectors distributed in the area and operation of blowers for dispersal of the gases. The control system displays the reading and serviceability of each detector and possibility of operation of each of the blowers. The blowers can be operated manually by the operator or automatically in case of deviation from the values defined in the system.

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