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The Security Division provides an innovative response to security requirements in the modern age.

The Division provides integrated solutions combining various systems under one supreme ICSS type control platform, with maintaining of the independence and survivability of the subsystems.

Milestone is one of the large and sophisticated companies in development and production of digital recording systems. Its product line suits all the existing kinds of customers and allows flexibility and upgrading possibility according to the company’s/customer’s growth rate.
DDS develops and produces access control systems. Included in its product package is the Amadeus5 software, which is responsible for carrying out access control and has several other possibilities as a complete package of the building’s security and control system.
DDS produces and plans controllers for every specification and use required in the field, from controllers that work under POE voltage directly from the network without need for 220 V infrastructure and flexibility in installation to controllers with 32-bit technology plus 3 serial communication cards and network cards inbuilt on the controller.
The Austrian Commend company produces intelligent communications and intercom systems. Its product tree contains a broad variety of solutions for any need from IP, analog exchanges, public address systems and computer-based virtual intercom systems.
As part of the execution and setting up of the project, frames must be integrated in which we adapt the command-and-control system to the customer’s needs.

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