Milestone is one of the large and sophisticated companies in development and production of digital recording systems.

Its product line suits all the existing kinds of customers and allows flexibility and upgrading possibility according to the company’s/customer’s growth rate.

The Milestone system can work with almost any hardware and almost any IP camera existing today on the market.

Milestone develops, in close cooperation with companies that produce cameras, dedicated drivers that allow the user/installer to manage and define the functions of the cameras directly in the system’s management interface; the system also allows us to operate any camera that supports RSTP video streaming, to record and watch on these cameras through its client.

Xprotect Go – is the smallest in Milestone‘s product range, the system is free and does not require purchase of the license, but(!) it has limited capacity, 8 cameras maximum, 5 days of recording only. However there is support with remote viewing through the application.

XProtect Go datasheet

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