Ardan Control Tech is a leader in the command & control field, from the consultation and planning stage through development of customer-defined solutions, development of interfaces for the different systems, installation, integration and provision of service. In all the project stages the customer is supported by a professional team specializing in planning and setting up the system. The team provides a solution to every problem and question from the planning stage until completion of the project and its delivery to the customer.

The company’s fields of specialization:

  • Automation and industrial control
  • Process control
  • Energy and saving control
  • Security systems integrating access control, CCTV (closed circuit TV) and digital recording
  • Building, electricity and air-conditioning control
  • Control systems for “intelligent houses”
  • Meeting rooms
  • Setting up infrastructures, communication networks and deployment of cables

Ardan Control Tech is active in many fields and sectors in Israel and worldwide, including industrial plants, food plants and production lines, security projects, Israeli embassies, office buildings, malls, hospitals, health services, banks, retirement homes, government buildings and many more.

Ardan Control Tech is the exclusive representative of a number of companies. By working closely with them it can give better support and service and provide solutions according to the project requirements. Many of the solutions that it proposes today are the result of development and close work with the different vendors.

Ardan Control Tech has several divisions, each of which focusses on a specific field. The professionals in each division receive training and guidance and the professional staff specializes in provision of solutions to the customers.

Divisions and departments in the company:

  • Industrial control
  • Building control and service
  • Security Control
  • Audio/video, meeting rooms and intelligent houses

Ardan Control Tech’s control systems are based on various software and hardware solutions tailored for the customer according to the project. The company bases itself on proven solutions that have existed for years on the market and that are in worldwide use. Work with known equipment, sold worldwide, allows provision of better service and support and guarantees extremely high compatibility with every requirement.

Ardan Control Tech’s service system offers the customers diversified service contracts, including field service throughout Israel with a response time of hours – all according to the contract definition between the customer and the company. The company has a spare parts inventory for all the types of equipment in order to provide a rapid response in case of breakdown or failure in the equipment.

It has a Quality Assurance System approved according to ISO-9001/2008 standard.

Ardan Control Tech has another branch in the north (Kiryat Ata, Hypercol Junction). The northern branch specializes mainly in industrial control systems.

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