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The Building Control and Energy Efficiency Division specializes in providing solutions for very low voltage systems in a variety of fields:

• Electricity: electricity panels, generators, electricity measurement units, UPS, fire detection…

• Air-conditioning: energy centers (chillers, pumps, cooling towers, heat exchangers), air treatment units, air and smoke blowers, FC units, dampers…

• Plumbing: pumps/drainage holes and cesspits, flooding sensors…

• Room/area control: office buildings, hotels, clinics, hospitals…

• Outdoor lighting: factories, parking lots, neighborhoods, cities, traffic routes, tunnels, trains…

The two main objectives accompanying every project carried out by the Division:

• Easy, fast and convenient operation

• Improved efficiency and energy saving

The Division accompanies the project from the sale stage through professional planning, production of vertical plans, control plans, equipment specification according to the project requirements, planning system action, supply and installation of the equipment together with a management system displaying all the data of the systems. The management system is a supreme system for operation of all the systems, receiving events, faults and warnings and sending by text message or email, timing through schedules, graphs for display of processes, events log etc.

Correct planning of the control system provides friendly tools for operation by the end user and leads to considerable savings in costs thanks to efficient operation of the systems.

• Electricity: timing of operation of public lighting, outdoor lighting and other lighting
• Air-conditioning: smart control and optimization of energy centers – the main energy “guzzlers”; levels of work according to temperature, pressures and loads, neutralization of systems according to winter/summer status and outside temperature, dynamic change of threshold values for reduction of system operation at slack times; use of schedules in order to stop systems not required for work (evening hours, weekends)

• Plumbing: operation of water systems and pumping wells in any place thanks to cellular communications that allow creation of control systems independently of local communications infrastructure

• Room/area control: use of volume/presence detectors, definition of timers for automatic stop; conditioning operation of systems according to door/windows/card status

• Street lighting: command of level of individual lamp, on/off/dimming operation of every lamp; astronomical clock for precise operation of the lighting, including automatic updating of winter/summer time; GIS-based system displaying all the fixtures on a dynamic map with indication of location of an element in the lighting system; events logs detailing the type of fault; communications on the existing electricity network (PLC – Power Line Communication) – without need of additional infrastructures; the information is transmitted on communications network, telephone line or cellular network; cloud-based server system – all the information is available at any time and in any place

The Building Control and Energy Efficiency Division’s solutions are based on leading hardware and software products with international Standards Institution Stamp. For further details

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