Control & Comand systems

Ardan Control Tech company implements and incorporates in projects control and monitoring solutions for video and audio systems, communications, Smart Power management systems and technology management systems using controllers, matrixes, touch screens, dedicated panels, dedicated and specialized software for installation on tablets, smart-phones, computers and so on.

Control rooms, visitor centers, auditoriums, and modern conference rooms require unlimited capabilities and smart systems that turn the operations of these facilities into a complicated process almost impossible for a normal user.

The control and monitoring systems provide the perfect solution for efficient and fun operation of all the systems in these compounds, as complicated and sophisticated as they may be. Control and monitoring of the systems are carried out with dedicated button panels and/or fixed or wireless touch screens (portable) in a variety of sizes, tablet computers such as IPAD, smart-phone devices and computers. The touch screens are programed with user-friendly graphics that are very easy to operate.

The control and monitoring systems in conjunction with the knowledge and experience of Ardan Company give you the perfect solution for modern conference rooms, visitor centers, auditoriums and control rooms. The control and monitoring systems are programed to perform unique operating scenarios with the push of a single button. For example: You can switch all the room’s systems from standard operation to a setting for a computer presentation. The course of the transformation is as follows: The lights in the center of the room will shut off, the lights on the sides will dim, the scroll screen will drop, the projector will turn on, the input on the panel connections to which the computer is connected will be switched to display through the projector, etc.

As an experienced, leading Integration Company, Ardan implements control and monitoring solutions from a number of leading manufacturers:  AMX, Crestron, Extron, Kramer, Gefen.

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