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Ardan Company specializes in TURNKEY PROJECT solutions; these solutions include integrated conference rooms, control centers, museums, auditorium, conference halls, hotels, control rooms, Ballrooms and more.

As part of the project we integrate the compound video and audio systems with complete synergy including projectors, display panels of different sizes, amplification systems, recording systems, speakers, microphones, matrixes, sound processors, image processors and more, fully integrated with the communication and electricity systems, air conditioning, carpentry, computer systems and more.

The Ardan professional team in conjunction with the best quality equipment from the leading companies in the market and outstanding service allow remote quality projects of the highest standard for full customer satisfaction.

Audio systems


We offer a wide range of products that address the needs of our customers: A large variety of wired and wireless microphones such as microphones with a flexible goose neck, lapel microphones for lectures, headset microphones (“Madonna”), microphones hanging from the ceiling and more. There are also protrusion-free decorative microphones for a desktop, or portable (with decorative panel).

The products we work with come from the leading global companies in the field of audio such as AUDIO-TECHNICA, SHURE, AUDAC, AKG, and more…


A speaker is a component that translates / converts electronic signals to sounds that we can hear.

Speakers are equipment that need special attention and must be adapted to the customer’s facility (audio in the movie theatre at home, conference rooms or auditoriums for lectures combined with audio for presentations or audio over video conference (remotely). At Ardan our professionals know how to match the necessary equipment to the room and its purpose, the correct quantity of speakers that must be installed in the room and the set-up of the installation. As for microphones and for all our products, we work with the leading companies in the market such as JBL, HECO, PARASOUND, AUDAC, YAMAHA, and more.

Voice processors / Mixers – analogue and digital

 These are devices that receive sound signals from different sources and process, distribute and redirect them to various channels.

Sound mixers allow an expansion of the amount of input and output from the mixer and control over each channel separately in order to create a balance between the various sounds and channels. Furthermore, sounds mixers are needed to transfer the sound in a crystal clear manner without background noises. Ardan specializes in digital sound processors from SYMETRIX, LECTROSONICS, and CLEARONE, among the leading in the field. The singularity of SYMETRIX systems is the high level of their audio processing comparable in all aspects and functions with the level of audio processing of recording studios. They work with the latest protocols such as: Dante, Cobranet, etc.

Audio matrixes from Symetrix Company allow the connection of infinite inputs and outputs. The systems can be managed with control and monitoring systems using RS-232, TCP/IP protocol and dedicated operating switches. SYMETRIX systems are highly regarded in the world of audio and are installed in a variety of strategic sites in the world.

Video systems

Ardan offers a wide variety of display systems, from projection screens with electric or manual scroll, with or without distortion, with or without black frame (in various formats adapted to the needs of the project), fixed projection screens, LED screens from the best manufacturers such as NEC, PHILIPS, PANASONIC, LG, SAMSUNG, SONY and more with high image resolutions. Video walls built with ultra-thin screen frames including image processors that allow the division of a picture on the wall into a variety of options. Interactive touch panels such as Smart-Board and projectors from HITACHI, EPSON, SONY, NEC, CHRISTIE, SHARP and more. These projectors allow projection from multiple distances and can be adjusted to a wide variety of lighting intensity from 2000 ANSI to more than 10,000 ANSI.

GEFEN by Nortek Company // United States

Management systems and processing audio signals, video conference, digital signage, control and monitoring

Audac // Belgium

Audio processing systems, multi-room, paging and amplifying (microphones, amplifiers and speakers)

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