About Us – Multimedia

The Multimedia Division is a leader in the performance of high level projects in audio-video (A/V), videoconference systems, smart electricity solutions and command-and-control systems for the business/institutional sector in Israel and abroad.

The Division performs Turn-Key projects, provides a perfect solution to customer needs using first-class integrative technological solutions carried out by a highly professional experiansed technical team.

The Division specializes in setting up:

  • Smart meeting rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Videoconference rooms
  • Control rooms
  • Museums
  • Visitors’ centers
  • Auditorium
  • Command & control rooms
  • War rooms etc.…

The Multimedia Division has rich experience and thousands of satisfied customers in a variety of applications at sites, for instance: leading business companies, government institutions, museums, interactive centers and memorial sites, public companies, hotels, events halls, universities, hospitals, projects abroad etc. All the projects are carried out in collaboration and coordination with the architect and interior designer, electricity contractors, communications contractors, project managers and consultants.

Ardan’s activity is the only one in Israel that provides a complete solution in importing, integrative, installation and full in-house service for all the complex systems in the multimedia projects.

A/V equipment:

  • Projectors
  • LCD and Plasma display units
  • Video walls in a variety of sizes
  • Electric projection screens
  • Video players
  • Audio Systems – Amplifiers, Automatic mixers, Digital sound prossesors etc’
  • In-wall / In ceiling speakers and others
  • Microphones – Wall microphones, Goose neck microphones, Ceiling microphones
  • Tele-Conference systems
  • Videoconference systems for personal users, meeting rooms, mobile users
  • Videoconference Infrastruture for multi-site conferences, Video servers, SIP servers

Command & Control systems:

  • Interactive smart touch screens in a variety of sizes and possibilities
  • Lighting commands systems
  • Electricity control systems for command of lighting, screens and elevators
  • Blinds, Shades and Curtain command systems
  • Comand&Control systems for all the room systems based on AMX/Crestron/Extron touchscreens.

Course of the work

It begins with the planning and integration stage carried out in collaboration and coordination with the architect and interior designer, electricity contractors, communication contractors, project managers and consultants, and at the technical level, it continues with supply and installation of multimedia means and technological control systems executed integratively down to the last detail. At the end of the work process, the project training and running in process is held on the customer’s premises and the customer also receives technical support and rapid and quality service after the project delivery.

  • Analysis of the customer’s needs
  • Planning of the systems by certified experts, adapting the systems to the customer’s needs, budget and actual site conditions
  • Issuing of AUTOCAD plans for execution of infrastructures
  • Issuing of performance details for architectural integration of the equipment in the furnishings in the architecture
  • Coordination between the The various factors and systems including electricity, lighting, woodwork, electric blinds, air-conditioning etc. and the A/V systems
  • Execution of infrastructures and laying A/V and communication cables
  • Supply and installation of A/V equipment, electricity, communications, computers, curtains, furnishings, etc. … operation and running of the systems
  • Performing A/V, lighting adjustments, etc. … to obtain optimal qualities and conditions and provision of an optimal solution for the customer’s needs
  • Training
  • Delivery of the project to customer for his full satisfaction
  • Support, maintenance and warranty services after delivery of the project

Professional experience: Ardan Control Tech has proven experience of almost a decade in setting up multimedia systems (including smart electricity-controlled systems, DSP audio, video conference, Control & Comand systems) for organizations and/or institutions.

In the course of the Division’s existence we have set up over 1,000 projects of different scopes integrating diversified systems.

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